Papercraft Gadgets

Hi peepz,
You can now stop flooding my mail, forum inbox and fb with requests.

The gadget series will be available here:
Project Retroform

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Karina said...

I'm sorry to pester you, as I am sure that you get this question a lot. But the link you have provided does not work. I am using Firefox and the image simply does not work. I joined the forum but do not have the permission to view the templates. I really wanted to try and make the micro ds lite, but now I am wondering how much effort it will take to find it! Thank you so much! :)

james horticulture said...

where is the craft ? Lechuza Planters

Joshua Martinez said...

Are you still here? I've been looking for you for quite some time... please answer, i am Testsubject276, i'm sure you can find me if you can see this

Anonymous said...

Hi, please do update the links because I realy really want to make these papercrafts especially the iPhone one. Please if you have time, update the links, thank you.

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