Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V sneak peek

Saw this on the SGcollect forums today.. Couldnt imagine Hot Toys pulling it off given the complexity of the suit, but it looks pretty awesome so far! The only complaint I have is that the suit appears more scalloped, like scales in the real version in the movie:

While the sculpt shown above seems to have the scales appear as grooves in the armour. It's too small to judge and perhaps I may be wrong. Anyhow, Hot Toys nearly always delivers the good stuff (except maybe the whole issue with the BD Ironman head sculpt).
Ive watched the video below about a hundred and times and still, its awesome.

Alternatively, you can watch the optimus prime edition below LOL

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Wow amazing, the movies of iron man are very amazing to me, not the best but is nice and the armors great too, I want this toy haha

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That scene is excellent, too bad that the movie weren't that good as the first one.

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