NECA 12" Marcus Fenix figurine

Is finally here! Just got released 3 days ago, and Play-asia has some close up shots of the figure, as well as the packaging. I'm looking forward to purchasing it, hopefully it reaches the shore of sunny Singapore by next week end -rubs hands with glee-.

I collect 12" or 1/6th scale figurines, so, having a 12" version of Marcus Fenix from my favourite shooter is a complete blast.

Looking like he has a small cranium, but that's the way muscular Locust-shredding men should be.

NECA boasts of it being heavily articulated, and as you can see, he is quite very poseable. Comes with weaponry and push button sounds - I never really dug that part of NECA figures, but still, I'm quite curious as to what his range of vocabulary would be.

Very cool, looking forward to buying this over the next week or two. And they really should come up with a 12" Carmine as well.

Got the pics from Play-asia
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Dark Odyssey and Poseidon's Rage Kratos from NECA

Saw the news today that NECA is going to release two new Kratos aka God of War figurines in a series called God of War, Magic of the Gods. Personally, I've bought 2 previous God of War figurines from NECA, a 7" Kratos in Ares Armour with Blades Olympus and Lingerie of Yada Yada, as well as a 12" scale one that I absolutely detest.

Don't get me wrong, I like NECA's stuff, I think the sculpting is pretty well done, but damn, the 12" Kratos really pissed me off because it kept falling over. Plus the fact that there's no articulation at the knee, makes this piece a b*tch to balance. I can swear the picture on the back of the box shows actual knee articulation. It's fallen over so many times most of the joints have been damaged to a point where they hang loose. I actually went down to the model shop, bought myself a resin base and attached Kratos with cryocynate glue. DIE Kratos, you're forever stuck to a block of stone now.

Anyway, here's the two new super charged Kratos figurines:

Please take note: The real figurines probably won't actually look as electrifying as they do in the pictures above. Minus the photoshopped glowing bolts of electrical power, Poseidon's rage Kratos would probably be a normal Kratos albeit one with electrical bolts cast in clear resin.

Dark Odyssey Kratos:

Both figurines are coming this Oct, you can read more about this via NECAonline

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Build yourself a Sonic + Shadow

I have no idea why I haven't seen these around, apparently these have been around since 2006. Guess I didn't think the pictures looked too awesome back then, but just noticed the pics from the Official Sonic team website actually do look pretty nice. You can build a nice model of Sonic the Hedgehog for your desk with these templates. Also available are various calefare characters from the SEGA franchise, just in case you want the entire blue hedgehog's family.

Download these here
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Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker

The Dark Knight fever has kind of settled more than a month since it's release, but the greatness of the movie still resounds in movie-buffs like me. If you can't get enough of the awesomeness of this show, here's a new 1/6th figurine from Hot Toys featuring Joker in bank robber style. If you haven't watched the show (shame on you!) this was modelled after the opening scene of the movie, where Joker robs a bank and double - no - triple crosses his accomplices.

I'm loving these pics a hell lot, the set is extremely detailed, comes with stuff like the duffel bags and 2 interchangeable heads, including a mask. And of course, guns, cards and the green stuff.

via Shaun's toy blog Thanks Shaun for the pics!

Bank robber Joker is 12" tall or 1/6th scale and can be purchased via Hot Toys

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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II

I knew it!! Hot Toys just wouldn't let their hold on the Iron Man franchise go to waste. Apart from producing the Mark III suit in 1/6 scale, Hot Toys is also releasing an uber cool metallic silver Mark II version. Okay, let's face the facts, Mark II is really Mark III with a different paint job and some bolts on the chest plate. But hey, this is still really cool. If you have 300 bucks to blow, get both pieces!

Thanks to Shaun

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TV characters cubees galore

Thanks to Marco Altini to the tip off of this absolutely wonderful collection of cubeecraft based on a whole collection of TV series. Ranging from Lost to Scrubs, don't miss out on these if you're a tv fan. I know I'm heading straight for the Prison Break ones :) I digg those from Heroes too.

Hiro papercraft for the win!

This one has an inexplicably striking resemblance.

TV series cubees here

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Build a paper Electone

Can't get enough of paper models of gadgetry? Here's an ultra detailed one of the Yamaha Stage A electone. I checked out the PDF file >> it's a good many pages. As do all paper models, do print it on card.

Here's the link

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My 1/6th Ryu Statue - still in the works

Some earlier pics - as Shy remarked, he looked like an ant at that stage:

Well, 3 months into the making of this piece of my childhood hero from Street Fighter II. I'm reminded of the many times I tried to sketch him in Hadouken position when I was a 10 year old child. Most of it is already done, save for some tidying up, smoothing of the clay, naturalization of the creases and some texturing.

Having little time to do sculpting actually works the opposite way - it keeps my passion in the subject alive. Everyday, 15-30 minutes of sculpting is by far more therapeutic than one shot 5-6 hour sessions. I often ended up making a mess of things in a hurry to finish the piece. As they say more haste, less speed - sculpture is an art that revolves around patience and refinement.

Of course, he wouldnt be Ryu without the trademark red headband:

I'm still debating whether I should fork our $500 Singapore dollars in cash to invest in an airbrush with a compressor. Seems like a good idea as a lifetime investment to take this hobby of mine further. Can't wait to finish this piece...

Ryu is 1/6th in scale, so he'll look perfect next to all my 12" figurines!

Hadoukens were like the coolest things ever back in 1995.
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Naruto paper model + Stop motion

Seen those paper models of figurines floating around the internet? Like the impossibly difficult Master Chief and Cortana? One look at the templates behind these paper works are probably enough to give you nightmares for weeks. As if building them weren't difficult enough, the owner of Papercraft museum made a freakin STOP MOTION video of the process.

Imagine shifting those little bits and pieces a fraction of an inch each time, and taking a ton of pictures. Yeap, this video probably took a century to make.

No offense to anyone, or the creators of such paper master pieces, but I'm not entirely a big fan of figurines made from paper - I always felt that anything that's not polygonal is better off sculpted. But hey, this video is so completely awesome is definitely worth a look:)

Kudos to Papercraft Museum

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R-type final Papercraft

Great paper models aren't easy to come by these days, so you can imagine my glee when I came across this TW-2 model from the game R-type final. Haven't heard of it before? Well, neither have I. That's because it's a Japanese shooter made for the previous gen console Playstation 2.

R-type final is a sidescroller Japanese shooter with futuristic aircraft. Actually, that pretty much sums up all sidescrolling shooters.

Apparently, apart from some fast paced button mashing ship blowing action, the game also sports weird names for ingame vehicles, such as Kiwi Berry, on which the paper model is based on.

Since when was Kiwi a Berry? Nevermind, the model is very cool looking, so I'd build it all the same.

Downloads here

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The Coolest Spiderman Costume Ever

Well, so I had this extra bit of time over the last two days - convinced myself to take a break from studying for medical school examinations - and I've been doing abit of digging around in the Marvel Universe. I've been an on-and-off fan of Marvel Comics. When I was a kid, it was Spiderman this, Spiderman that, and X-men pwns you, but other than that, was not a real avid collector of comics.

So last year, I got to know Jimmy, Spencer my friends who are absolutely insane about statues of super heroes, and all this great sculpting that's going on over at Statueforums. 90% of statues over there are MARVEL or DC stuff, so it's no wonder that it has rekindled a spark of interest in me, fueled by all the recent Super Hero blockbusters lining up one after another on the big screen.

Anyways, today I went to read up on the Iron Spider, and decided that DAMN, this has got to be the coolest super hero cum super hero costume in the universe.

There's quite a bit on the origins of this red gold costume, so I'll just sum it up for you, my dear reader. Basically, Peter Parker aka friendly neighbourhood Spiderman was near death, after having power malfunctions and been defeated - including having his left eye plucked out and eaten by his enemies. It was later revealed that he was merely going through a stage in metamorphosis and would later be resurrected with new powers including night vision, the ability to sense vibrations and more. In the Marvel Civil War series, Tony Stark aka Ironman built this Spiderman a new suit hence the nickname IRON SPIDER.

Among many things, this suit was made from liquid nano fibres, and was able to appear or be concealed at will. It's also equipped with 3 prominent mechanical limbs mounted on Parker's back which are able to to serve as round the corner scopes, handling of objects and was even used in combat despite Stark mentioning that they were too delicate for battle. The Iron Spider Suit also comes with a complete Geek's arsenal of audio visual amplications including UV and IR spectrums of light, emergency police/fire department scanners, carbon filters to help Spidey cope with poisonous particles and more.

On one hand, my 23 year old sense of logic is telling me that damn, I really should grow out of this stuff, but on the flip side, it's still so insanely cool that it's appealing to my inner child. Mental verdict: Iron Spider is the coolest Super Hero ever!

So I did more statue related digging, and here's an awesome Iron Spider Comiquette from Sideshow Collectibles:

If only real life is as cool as that. That's why all of us need statues to remind ourselves of that ultra cool escapade that lives on in our imagination.

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R2 family in paper

This is something new from SF papercraft gallery - the entire family of R2 droids - R2A6, R2D2, R2C4, R2M5 are now up for downloads. Oh well, they are really just R2D2s with different colours, but cool nevertheless. I want an army of these to take over the galaxy with! Even Darth Vader wouldnt be able to handle the onslaught of screaming R2 droids.

The new R2 series from SF models

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Build it yourself papercraft Star Wars miniatures

We all know about that bunch of crazily detailed Star Wars models offered by SF Models. But what about MINIATURE ones? I'm talking about 1:60 - 1:70 scale.. these little babies are no more than an inch tall, and shouldnt take you more than half an hour to assemble each miniscule beauty. Looks great as little tokens on your desk.

Add a little bit of imagination and you're on your way to commanding epic battles on your table.

Miniatures via
In case you're missing out on this, SF models

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Freakin Huge Ninja Gaiden II Statue

From First4Figures comes this HUGE 18" tall statue of Ryu Hyabusa. The best part about this statue is that it looks exactly like the cover art on the game box. Together with the scythe, this beast of a statue comes up easily over 20-21" tall. That's FREAKIN huge - like the size of... say a Thanksgiving turkey standing upright.

Some solid sculpting there. I love the intricate designs on the forehead protector.

This is an extremely limited release by First 4 Figures, quoted at 1,999 pieces worldwide. The statue is made of high quality poly-resin. Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity to show off to your gaming buddies.

The price is steep @ $349.99 USD, but hey, at least the guys at First 4 Figures are accepting payment in installments. If you love smashing heads like watermelons and decapitating ninjas, this figure is one for you.

Don't look so shocked at the price, it's normal for a statue, needless to say a freakin HUGE piece with limited release:) You pay for what you get.

via First 4 Figures

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How to get your own life-sized Lancer

NECA just announced that the only way you're gonna get your hands on that sleek, smooth, bloodied 1:1 lifesized Gears of War Lancer replica, is to order it through The good news is that, for those pre-ordering this baby for $139 USD, they are entitled to a free copy of Gears of War 2 Standard Edition, and eligible for an upgrade to the Limited edition for just $10 USD more.

As part of another horrid, ghastly but somehow cool exclusive, this "Headshot Locust" will also be only available through online retail giant Amazon. Gears of War 2, the Lancer, and this headless hunk of meat will be available on November 7, 2008.


I want that Lancer badly, but damn... I don't think Singapore's customs would be letting a gun replica through so easily. I'm already thinking of where to hang it on my wall.
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Bunch of high grade Team Fortress 2 papercraft

This is some awesome papercraft I stumbled upon today - highly detailed small models of Team Fortress 2 stuff, including a Sentry and Electrosapper.

Extremely small, extremely detailed - just the way all pepakura should be.

Clean, well designed, great graphics - trust me, this is something you guys would want to build, especially fans of TF2. Oh, and the creator took gr8 shots of the build process to guide you along as well.

Sentry here
Electrosapper here

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Felicia Cosplay

Incredibly hot girl dressed up as cat-girl Felicia from Darkstalkers. This one is real pretty! Growl!

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Life Sized Heath Ledger Tribute

Bob Dullam and Causey, known for their crazy abilities for sculpting stunning likeness busts (I loved their work on the Lost Boys bust) are currently working on something that's sure to please fans of the Dark Knight and the late Heath Ledger. I think it's only befitting to have such an awesome tribute to the young actor - it was a stellar final performance - and we most certainly would remember him as one of the most exceptional from his field.

This is a WIP (works in progress) shot, so don't go about complaining about the hair and thorax. As usual, I think Bob C and D will stun us with the final outcome. It's already looking fantastic - it's like resurrecting Heath Ledger from the grave and immortalising him in clay.

LCD display behind workbench for referencing noted.:)

Breath-taking via

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Tomb Raider Cosplay!

I think it's not too out of point to put in pics of cosplaying babes on Fx Console. After all, it's a blog on models, so when you transform yourself into a gigantic model, it should be counted as well. Anyways, first ups is this sizzling hot Asian rendition of Lara Croft. Smokin'! I really dig those abs girl.

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Hot Toys Ironman is a masterpiece

Remember when I posted about the sneak preview shots of the Iron Man action figurine from Hot Toys? Well, I checked out the Hot Toys website today and the official pics are up, stunning as ever. If you're not familiar with this, it's a 1/6th scale figurine and it stands at 12" tall, and is one of the best action figures ever produced. If you're not convinced, check out the shots below:

Comes with a load of accessories and weapons to spice up the already stunning figure. It's so nice and shiny I'm getting fits just staring it. If I had it on my desk, I would probably spend 10 minutes a day just oggling at it. I'm already oggling at the pictures. You can't see it well on these pics, but I love the fact that the arc reactor on the chest piece is actually detailed, instead of being a flat white piece of plastic like the Hasbro version (which I foolishly bought).

And.. the JAW DROPPING SHOT of the back piece. You can actually lift the panels to expose little bits of silver machinery!

And a well sculpted Tony Stark head to go along with it. I've never liked Iron Man toys with Tony Stark's bare head - I always thought it felt like staring at him nude, and I'm not gay - but this combination is strikingly beautiful. Probably because the entire package is so well made.

I think this just might be that very first piece of toy that I'll be blowing more than a hundred bucks on. But considering how beautiful it is, it's definitely worth that ton of nagging I'm gonna get from my gf for burning a hole in my pocket.

via Hot Toys
Hot Toys Ironman stands at 12" or 30 cm tall. Has over 36 points of articulation, finished with metallic paint and has eyes and chest plate that freakin light up.

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