NECA toy previews at SDCC!!!!

These are pics I stole from TNI and holy sh*t, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Is that a life sized lancer replica at the NECA booth over at SDCC? OMG YES!! And a 12" Marcus Fenix!!!:

Series 2 of the Gears of War action figures:

A lifesized God of War blade:

Ryu Hyabusa from Ninja Gaiden, 7" scale:

Wow, I have a feeling Im going to burn a hole in pockets this Q3 - Q4. And my gf's going to be doing lots of nagging.

Full pics gallery via TNI

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McFarlane's Toys previews at SDCC

Wow, this is just completely awesome. If you went to SDCC which happened over the course of the last week, you would have caught a glimpse of what mega toy manufacturer, McFarlane Toys has install for its fans. Particularly awesome are the upcoming Halo 3 toys.

Apart from showing off the upcoming Halo 3 series 3: Elite Combat - Blue Armor, Jackal Major, Spartan Scout - Crimson Armor, and Halo 3 series 4: Spartan Hayabusa - Blue Armor, Spartan Security - Olive Armor, Spartan Security - Steel Armor (see pic)

McFarlane toys also gave a sneak peak at the legendary collection series with an Arbiter, Master Chief and Brute Chieftain:

I have a feeling it's gonna be a really good year ahead, I can't wait till these start shipping. Also on display over at SDCC are the upcoming Guitar Hero toys including a 10" scale Johnny Napalm and the Call of Duty figures, as well as sneak looks at latest upcoming Spawn releases.

You can see all the pics right here, via Toy News International.

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Papercraft Aston Martin DBR-9 1:18

Some paper models are just over the top, like this 1:18 scale Aston Martin DBR 9. It's so awesome, it even has a website of it's own.

The Aston Martin DBR 9 was first built in 2005 as a remake of the DB9 (Aston Martin's road car), retaining the chassis and V12 engine, but a re-engineered body frame made from carbon fibre, allowing for light weight and more aerodynamically finetuned performance.

That's one sweet looking model for you car enthusiasts. But beware, it could take some time to build - 11 pages long, and comes with an alternate version with red decals.

Downloads here

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Hellboy sculpture - the works

Scott from Alias Lunatic kindly sent me the pictures of this amazing sculpture of Red aka Hellboy . The sculpt was absolutely amazing, so I had to send him a PM requesting for pictures of this piece in progress. This piece comes up to approx 10" tall including the base, with an awesome take on the character, with a little bit of Scott's own flavour injected.

Initial stages: The armature -

Intermediate stages, with the main form completed:

Doing it up - Amazing texturing on the right stone arm:

Achieved by using an actual stone to create prints:

The Samaritan was first made from blocks of wood and metal before clay was spread onto it and the details etched on - just check out how painstaking the process was - that thing is really small!:

Many thanks Scott for this quick tutorial on the sculpt process, click here to visit his deviantArt account :)

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Even the restroom signs are cool at SDCC

Well, basically the freakin largest toy event in the universe just happened over the last week over at San Diego California - the annual San Diego Comic Convention. I've been blogging about all the awesome exclusive toys that are available over there, including a Gears of War Carmine action figure. The saddest fact is, I live literally halfway around the globe on a tiny island known as Singapore, and that I was working my butt off while all this awesomeness exploded in the States last week. But anyways, SamuelCyanide's (one of our helpful forum members) gf was actually freakin lucky enough to get a trip down, and here are some pics courtesy of xxthexfallenxx aka Samuel's super nice gf.

More pictures and links inside the full post.

Live sized 1:1 scale Hulk!!!!! Damn thing looks so cool, I can't believe someone actually sculpted this, it's so freakin huge. I wonder if that's for sale.. you'd probably need a truck to bring him home:

That monster thingy from FEAST, NAAAASTY!:

Feast is basically a really awesome Horror flick produced by the likes of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Wes Craven and Chris Moore. It takes the conventional take on the monster-stalking-a-bunch-of-folks-stranded-in-a-small-building scenario and turns it into a fast actioned and highly humourous show. B grade effects because of budget constraints (it was an entry in a reality show with competing directors), but completely awesome.

What's a comic con without some Cos players:

Click here for the complete photo album from SamuelCyanide's gf

Right now, the States sound like a pretty damn good place to be in.

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Retro Gaming Diorama papercraft special!

Woah, I just realised that there were quite a number of these really sick looking Retro Gaming Dioramas that you can DIY out of paper spread out over the vastness of the internet. There's just something about these dioramas that makes you want to build them and relieve those childhood memories of Famicom/NES bashing, Duck Hunt shooting and Donkey Kong barrel dodging.

1: Super Mario stages
Reverend Timothy shares this similar thing for retro gaming diorama creation and has a fair number of Super Mario themed dioramas on his blog over here @ Nerd-Craft. You can grab 3 versions, our favourite one is below:

Feel that sense of achievement?
Download it here

2: Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone
Bring the very first stage of the very dawn of Sonic the Hedgehog games to your desk wit this anniversary papercraft from the official SEGA website. I was there as a wide eyed child when Sonic first caught on! Yes I'm that old. Sad to say, I don't get the same kicks anymore, but kudos to those old memories.

3: Duck Hunt
I used to find that sniggering dog a little irritating, but nevermind, that game was awesome anyways. I could take down enough ducks to feed an army of hounds.

4: Donkey Kong Diorama from Ryo
Fact: Mario's first appearance was in Donkey Kong made for the Nintendo Entertainment System, after which the Italian plumber gained international popularity.

5: Moon patrol
I didn't get to play this much when I was a kid, but heck, these look freakin awesome:

That's all folks.

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Batman Tumbler Case Mod

Now that's what I call a bat-ass mod. This mod actually surfaced on the web early in 2007, but it's so great it deserves a revisit, especially in times like this when the Dark Knight is taking the world by storm. In case you missed my review on the Dark Knight, I think it's frickin' awesome.

So this guy buys an RC Bat tumbler, tears it up, adds PC guts to it:

After some hardcore modding, soldering action.... What's a real mod without killer LEDs?

wooo~ Are your eyes bleeding from envy yet? Now throw that Mac away, PCs are back in business!

Tumbler PC via Case Mod God

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Saren: next Mass Effect statue in line

Guess what, next in line from the Mass Effect series from Highdome toys will be Saren, the Rogue Spectre agent. We're looking forward to this one. They promise a headsculpt picture to be up pretty soon, so we'll keep you guys posted on this once we get news of that. If you're a Mass Effect fan and want to see another character come into reality, you can vote here for the third installment of the Mass Effect statues from Highdome.

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Mass Effect's Commander Shepherd Statue

Last we heard, High Dome has enlisted the help of sculptor Hyperchild Wow to produce these amazing Mass Effect Command Shepherds. The production blog has been absolutely amazing to follow, and Hyperchild is not sparing any standards on the production of this piece. You can read about the production via Hyperchild's blog. This limited edition statue is set at 2500 pieces world wide and is already shipping. You can probably catch a glimpse of it if you're heading down to San Diego Comic Convention which is happening very very soon.

Now shipping and ready to take over the world:

Painting 2500 Commander Shepherd heads can't be fun!!

The statue in full glory:

Commander Shepherd from Highdome toys stands at 8" tall. You can pre-order it for $89.95 USD here

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All City Style Custom Papercraft Subway Cars

Every now and then, FX Console spots an ultra cool paper model project that has to be featured, just because of how cool it is. Well, I was doing some random surfing jus' now and this is one of those projects that you can't NOT feature.

All City Style is a site filled with gorgeous urban gfx and tags. This is how it works: You download the free paper model template to build a subway car that measures a whopping 20" across, and you freakin customize it anyway you want. Check out the gorgeous gallery here. Also available is a plastic version, but that you'll have to pay for. So, let's just settle for the paper version which looks just as good, for now.

Some favourites:
Art asylum


Awesome huh. via All City Style.

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What happens when you choose toys over a girl?

This does:

That was brutal. Lord save that man.

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I watched The Dark Knight today

And it's a masterpiece. This is possibly the best super hero movie of all time. Even the critically acclaimed Spiderman 2 doesn't come close to touching The Dark Knight. Never have I watched something that combines action and dramatic elements so well.

I wouldn't want to spoil the show for you, so I'll leave the plot out.

I don't mean that it's good because it's action packed, or has you on the edge of your seat for 2 hours. In fact there's lots of talking, lots of it.

The show is awesome beyond words because of how powerful the script and direction is. The Joker is insane, he's not motivated by money, he doesn't care about anything, he has nothing to lose and all he driven by is to bring chaos and suffering. Harvey Dent's downfall was so tragic and moving it's hard not to shed a tear for the turn of events. Each scene in the show was expertly directed to tear out the emotions from the depth of your heart - the terror of the insanity of the Joker, the sorrow for Harvey's loss, the sadness but respect for the choices Batman has to make.

At the end of it, you're left wondering in fear as to what a human is actually capable of. Throughout the show, there are no hints or suggestions of super powers or supernatural occurances, only the darkest of the human soul. That's what makes the Joker so terrifying - he's just another man, albeit an intelligent one driven to the edge.

There's an extremely powerful interplay of human emotions, of hope, of human at its best, and also at its worst. You'll be touched there's no doubt about that.

The show is also all about choices, and making sacrifices for the better of others. That's what makes a true hero.

The Dark Knight has risen above all the movies in the same genre to deliver an absolutely spectacular performance.

Also, the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is so awesome I went to buy the cd right after I came out of the theatre.

If I could give it 6/5 I would!!!

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First look at Phazon Suit Samus toy

First 4 Figures unveiled their latest addition to the Samus suit series, an ultra sleek, ultra cool and ultra blingish Phazon Suit Samus (from Metroid) statue standing at approx 11.5" tall. Some background on this, the Phazon suit was created when Samus' Suit and Gun were imbibed/infected with pure Phazon but was stolen after Metroid Prime was defeated. Later, the Phazon suit was used to create one of Samus' greatest enemies: Dark Samus.

This model was replicated accurately from the ingame version and later cast in clear resin and for the finishing touch, 25 glowing LEDs were added, cum a shiny reflective base. Phew, this baby looks so awesome it's not possible to keep your hands off it if you're a Metroid fan. Lmited to 1500 pcs worldwide.


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12" Medicom Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden

Medicom's latest addition to the RAH (Real Action Heroes) line is Metal Gear Solid 4's ninja Raiden. Stands at 1/6th scale or 12" tall. I'm really excited about this, and hope it reaches local shores soon. The figure looks smashing:

For those of you new to this, Metal Gear Solid is the long living franchise spanning multiple generations of Sony video gaming consoles. Raiden aka Jack is an almost effiminate albeit ultra cool ninja character who first had a major role in Metal gear Solid 2. This version is taken off one of the biggest games to hit the Playstation 3 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Ships this September, but already pre-ordered and sold out. Hopefully they bring in another shipment of this guy.

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Super Mario plush dolls now available

These Japanese made Super Mario plushes are now official available. Also comes with the Bee and white versions. These are quite large, standing at approx 24 cm tall and deserve a big hug, after all the hardship this Italian Plumber has gone through. Aww, look at the way he's clutching that weetle mushroom.

$24.90 USD via Play-asia

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NECA's half stealth predator looks like....

A mouldy condom, that's what it is. This is absolutely the freakin worst idea for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive toy EVER. Some guy thought it would look cool to have a Predator toy cast in clear plastic and have some parts painted over to resemble Predator caught in the moment of emerging from stealth mode. I think it looks so ghastly, I can't even bear to look at it anymore. I stand firm that I HATE repaints or clear casts of same toys to pass off as Comic Con exclusives.. Grrr.

If you want to know more about this abomination, here's the original article.

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Papercraft Hellboy's foursome

Red, blue, gasbag and fireb*tch. lol. That's Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Johann Krauss and Liz for you, in Cubeecraft form! Can someone do a count and tell us just how many papercraft characters Cubeecraft has made? This is getting insane. They should do a Guiness world record or something.

Liz looks about a thousand times hotter (no pun intended) with short hair.

via Cubeecraft

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