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Dear members and visitors,

Fx Console is nearing 2 months old and we're growing strong. It's really awesome to have so many model makers come on board from all over the world to share their works.

But you know what I really like about being with a community like that? It's being able to communicate and read messages from people from different cultures and backgrounds, posted at different times from different locations. In short, it's been really great meeting new people and making friends from all over the planet.

Hey, even if you have no burning passion to build something, just come on board and have a chat with us - it's good enough.

There's magic in your hands:

Show me some moves,

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DIY Super Mario Trinklets!

How to make your own Super Mario Trinklets - an extremely easy to DIY project

Managed to get hold of some Jumping Clay from Korea last week, and what better idea than to make these uber awesome Super Mario trinklets:

A bunch of these in a basket would please anyone.

Jumping Clay
is a special type of air-dry clay that is extremely light weight. It comes in an assortment of colours and is extremely easy to work with, leaving no mess behind, unlike the clays that professional sculptors use.

It's best suited for projects like that, with aesthetically pleasing results! When it dries, it feels like a mass of foam - able to deform, does not break easily and very light indeed. It's name comes from it's uncanny ability to bounce if you drop it on the floor.

Over all, these took only approximately 1 and a half hours to complete, and here's a video on how to make these for yourself:

A really simple, yet really awesome project to try out over the weekend!

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Mammoth Tank from C&C!

Model designed, fine tuned and built by Fico

Here's the latest FX feature, a beautiful model of the Mammoth Tank from Command & Conquer, completely designed and built by Fico86 on our forums. He also runs a blog over at C and C Papercraft, so be sure to give him a visit if you are a fan of the RTS series.

The design

This project is a prime example of what you can do using card as medium, and some technicals skills required in ripping 3D game models.

The initial imported model seen in Google Sketchup, a basic 3D modelling software.

The model, cleaned up. Now, the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye, but digitally, unwanted edges have been fused, excess raised parts have been flattened. Essentially, it is now fine-tuned for unfolding.

The first unfolding, as done by Pepakura Designer, a software created by Tamasoft which does the impossibly complex process of unfolding. Note that some model builders actually design their models by hand, which might be more convenient, depending on the model you are intending to build.

The final template as seen in Pepakura Designer.

The build

The parts printed and ready for some model building!

All parts assembled, ready to be pieced together.

The finished model. Kickass awesome.

Yes the turret turns, what a nice touch.

The interview

That entire model was built from card? Unbelievable! What made you choose card as your medium?

I have been playing with paper and card for quite a while now, doing templates available on the net, so I am familiar with it, more so than other mediums. And in my opinion it's still the easiest medium to work with. Also my aim for the C&C series is to make templates to that anyone can try their hands on making them. All they need is it printed out on card, some glue and a penknife. Thus Card, which is readily available and easy to use, is the medium if choice.

Which part of the build process was the most challenging?

I would say it's the modifying of the 3d model from the game to something that is buildable. One thing it's very tedious, you need visualize all the parts, and modify and isolate them. Also sometime there can be more than one way that you can modify some parts. Those time i can think for days which way would be better. If I miss out some parts, or some turn out badly, I have to keep going back and forth between the 3d model and the 2d template.

Would you say it's difficult for a newbie to follow in your footsteps?

Not at all! In fact, the way that I do this is more about technical skills, which can be leant, rather than artistic sense, which IMO people are born with. So I would say all you need is patience, a willingness to learn and passion for your creations. If you put in enough hard work, you definitely will get something of substance.

Damn, what do you feel, now that you've made something come into life from the computer screen?

When I first got the idea of making these model, I just thought its would be cool to have these models from the game in real life in scale model. But I only realized the deeper meaning while I was designing the template for the mammoth tank. This is my way of paying tribute to the conceptualizing, the art and the 3d designing that had gone into the game. Often I notice most people simply get lost in the game itself, and don't stop to admire the genius and hard work that has going into making the games look so good (which ironically is the intention of the developers). So by taking the 3d models one more step further into real life, I am honoring all those artists who actually created the models and made the game look so good.

Also it gives me great satisfaction to see that so many people around the world are building their own models from my templates. This is what keeps me motivated to make of these templates.

Any other models that you're intending to build other than ones from C & C?

Well I do have a lot of C&C models to cover, but occasionally will try my hands at other things. I dint really plan what I want to do next, or even if I do, the plan will eventually changes. This is how if keep my creative juices flowing, by not restricting too much myself to one project. This also results in a lot of half finished projects. Haha. So lets see what I feel like doing next.

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