Super Mario Stage Figures (Dotgraphics)

Just saw these awesome little collectibles today, Super Mario Stage figures:

Each piece is really a backdrop that comes with magnetic 3D pixel sprites from Super Mario. It comes packaged in a box that closely resembles the original cartridge. Very cool!

You can choose to arrange the character sprites in any combination you want by moving the magnets around. Comes in loads of familiar scenes from the original game. The most striking to myself would be the one where Mario jumps atop the flag at the end of the stage.

Also available, are these little boxes shaped like the goodie cubes in Super Mario that come with additional characters and items to spice up your ongoing diorama. Everything is sold at random, so you have to buy loads to collect them all. A marketting ploy no doubt, but it makes these Japanese collectibles all the more exciting to purchase.

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wing said...

It'll be great for stop motion videos LOL

safe meds said...

Cool figures, it is one of my favorite games of all time.

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