Simon Lee aka Spiderzero

This guy is born to sculpt evil. Simon Lee aka Spiderzero is just incredibly skilled as a sculptor, and his pieces seem to sway towards stuff that looks incredibly SICK. Of course, to reach a standard when you can actually sculpt something that projects such feelings of horror and menace, you must already have loads of skill.

Behold, his latest twisted creation, a sculpt titled VOODOO.

This, seriously sends shivers down my spine. Sometimes it's difficult to wonder what goes on in the minds of sculptors like that.

As if the front is not horrifying enough, flip it around to reveal heads within heads.

-Shudder- If you are able to take it the initial shock of seeing such a piece, take a closer look at the details and the texturing. One thing that strikes me about his pieces is how well he pulls off organic texturing - these creations of abomination actually look freaking lifelike. I can almost feel the boggy texture of the skin by glancing at it.

Gotta check out more of his work here:, Simon Lee's gallery

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