My Starkiller Sculpt Part I

Have you heard? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed got released today. Gaming critics hate it, but everyone else thinks it kicks ass, me included. However, I'm not getting it just of yet because I completed the demo freakin 20 over times and now Im officially bored of toying with Storm Troopers and flinging them into deep space.

So... I've been sculpting Darth Vader's Secret apprentice aka Star Killer for some time, on and off... here's the progress so far:

This baby's 1/6th scale and gonna be 12" tall. I hardly work in any other scales now... Think the chin needs some elongation, but I swear it looks better in real life. Might be the camera angle.

If you have any comments, do leave them.

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Quasimodo said...

Another new project! You really know how to keep yourself busy, Jun. :-)

I personally don't like the look of Starkiller much. I think it has to do with lack of unique haircut. For example, Anakin's hair style was average, but they at least spice it up a little with a tiny pony tail on the side. Starkiller on the other hand looks just like a college student in a space pirate costume.

I was looking forward to the game mainly due to the material physic and Endorphin engine. However, it seems the game did not tie the engine with the game play very much, more as graphical enhancement only, like GTA4... it's kind of disappointing..

Anyway, excuse me with my ranting... Looking forward to see more progress on the new piece!

Jun said...

I sculpt to destress from school:)

Ah, I totally agree on the character design = my first impression of the character was that he looked really plain, like an average guy. Nothing striking. On second thoughts, that was kind of cool as well, he stood out because he looked like an average guy.

Yes, the game was fun, but did not live up to the hype on the engine and physics.

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