Medicom Real Action Hero Chun Li

Okay, the action figure universe has been rather dry lately, but I saw this preview today - from toy manufacturer Medicom's Real Action Hero series that boast super articulation, detail, quality and poseability comes none other than our favourite ding-dang kicking sexy stocking touting Chinese girl, Chun Li.

I'm posting about this because, this Chun Li has the prettiest face of all the Chun Li action figures I've ever seen.

Just look at that doll-like face, doesn't it make you feel like planting a kiss on her? Okay, now I'm really starting to freak you out.

Medicom RAH Chun Li comes 12" tall, with multiple points of articulation using Medicom's proprietary Real Action Hero action figure base body. Comes Dec '08 and be prepared to fork out some cash for this, as for all RAH toys.

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