Freakin beautiful DC character sculpts

Saw this over at Shiflett Brothers and ConceptArt, done by the same sculptor, Tim Bruckner. Think they are absolutely stunning, tasteful takes on DC characters Penguin and Catwoman.

It's really nice how he's so daring on adding the skin folds onto the face, yet able to achieve such a nice sneering effect.

Catwoman just looks subtlely playful:

Good God, while professional sculptors like these focus on bringing out expressions and emotions, I'm still stuck on getting a simple good looking sculpt that looks proportionate. PRACTICE.

Also, a friend of mine remarked this morning how interesting it was that villains from the Batman series all had some kind of psychiatric background to their behaviour. Catwoman is probably a kleptomaniac, Joker is probably someone with an antisocial personality disorder with an appetite for chaos. And Two Face is likely a bipolar rapid cycler or multiple personality disorder, and Penguin is just fat and ugly lol.

Tim Bruckner's website

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