The Day of the Mighty Muggs!

So I've be down for the last week, which explains the lack of cool finds on FX Console, but today, I went and got me some Mighty Muggs!! So here the story goes, I went down to China Square Central in Chinatown - it's Singapore's best kept secret for toy collectors, an entire shopping mall albeit a small scale one that's dedicated to the sale of toys. With an aim to just hella buy something to cheer myself up, I walked around for about an hour before I decided to purchase this:

Excuse my geekiness but that's the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg. It's nice and shiny with metallic paints and comes with a chromed box which makes it even more irresistable, so I whipped out my screaming wallet and pried out some fresh smelling ten dollar bills. Afterwards, I couldn't just stop at there could I? I mean, after you've bought one Mighty Mugg, he would be kind of lonely without the others.

So I wanted to get Black Costume Spiderman Mighty Mugg, and Captain America Mighty Mugg, so Shiny Iron Man Mugg would be happy to have companions. Problem was,

Spiderman = $35 SGD
Capt America = $45 SGD

On the other hand, if I bought the entire set of Wave 3 - Spiderman, Doc Oct, Thor, Ghost Rider - it would cost only $100.

After some quick math, it was obvious that I was going to end up bringing home an army of Mighty Muggs. So these guys:

are all sitting happily on my shelf right now. Hasbro must be feeling pretty Smugg right now.

My hands are already tingling for the next set.

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adz28 said...

i just started collecting mighty muggs this november and im having a hard time finding this iron man. how much did you buy it by the way? im just visiting singapore for 2 weeks and so far from all the stores i visited, mighty muggs are cheaper in the philippines. i recently bought my first 3 mighty muggs for about less than 20 sgd only.

i will visit china square central tomorrow, hoping to still find the iron man mighty muggs.

Anonymous said...

hi bro, how much u pay for ur iron man?been there a few time but cant find iron man le

Anonymous said...

hi everyone, you can contact me if you really want some mighty muggs wave 1 or the rare ones. i can give a good price. 0923-8813888

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