Castle Crashers Papercraft

My friends on Xbox Live have been bugging me to play this game, but I'm too lazy/broke to force myself to buy some Microsoft points to purchase this. Apart from the fact that everyone is raving about how fun this game is, the little knights also make some excellent paper models. I swear I was staring at the Castle Crashers banner and thinking that those little buggers would be perfect for card modelling.

Oh yes the link
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Paper Hellboy Samaritan

I had no idea the Japanese dig Hellboy, but anyway, this Japanese dude has made a paper replica for the Samaritan.

Very detailed as you can see, even loadable with papercraft bullets lol. A well designed model, no doubt coming from the Japanese. Personally, I would give it some puttying and a paint job to get get rid of those irritating white lines that come with all paper models. But hey, one of the upsides of paper models is that you get to print the designs on. Most kids just print, some adults do paint so it all depends on how far you want to take it.

Download here

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My Starkiller Sculpt Part I

Have you heard? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed got released today. Gaming critics hate it, but everyone else thinks it kicks ass, me included. However, I'm not getting it just of yet because I completed the demo freakin 20 over times and now Im officially bored of toying with Storm Troopers and flinging them into deep space.

So... I've been sculpting Darth Vader's Secret apprentice aka Star Killer for some time, on and off... here's the progress so far:

This baby's 1/6th scale and gonna be 12" tall. I hardly work in any other scales now... Think the chin needs some elongation, but I swear it looks better in real life. Might be the camera angle.

If you have any comments, do leave them.

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Storm Trooper heads make good designer papercraft

Wow, this has got to be the sweetest designer papercraft project I've seen! Some Jap guy had the brilliantest idea of taking a storm trooper helmet and transforming it into a skinnable toy. The result = a cool library of Storm Trooper helmet skins that'll look extremely cool on any Star Wars fans' desk.

What makes this project even more awesome is that, the template isn't based off polygons that are unrefined and untweaked. Instead, you'll notice that it's actually pretty well designed, making use of the curves of paper to achieve the contouring of the helmet, rather than polygons.

Awesomeness. Download awesomeness here
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Retro Gaming Stuff in paper

From Paper 2.0 comes these nifty little gadgetry from your distant childhood memories - old school Gameboy modules and stuff from the very first 3D FPS ever built - Wolfenstein 3D.

I thought these were pretty cool (heck, everything retrogaming looks cool these days), even though they're pretty simple to build.

Nice huh.
via Paper 2.0
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Sideshow King Leonidas from 300

Wooooo~ This looks freakin sweet, trashes the NECA action figurine that can't even balance itself on my desk.

I can't decide if the second row of abs look normal, or abnormal. They look a teeny weeny bit over split, like Leonidas has some sort of abdominal wall hernia. Also, the nips and umbilicus make a sad face lol. If you stare at it for too long, the abs really start to grow on you.

The pose also looks a tad effeminate, like Leonidas is having some sort of mega wedgie, but overall, this is still a great statue to have if you're a 300 fan like me.

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles

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South Park + Darth Vader =

PARK VADER! - heavy breathing -

It's been a while since we've heard from Claudio website, but he always does good stuff. And lately, he's been doing all these awesome South Park renditions of pop culture icons, and this time round it's Darth Vader South park style - PARK VADER!

Freakin cute. Claudio does excellent models, even if they are simple ones like this, so his work comes straight to my blog on the best paper models there are.

Park Vader here

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Freakin beautiful DC character sculpts

Saw this over at Shiflett Brothers and ConceptArt, done by the same sculptor, Tim Bruckner. Think they are absolutely stunning, tasteful takes on DC characters Penguin and Catwoman.

It's really nice how he's so daring on adding the skin folds onto the face, yet able to achieve such a nice sneering effect.

Catwoman just looks subtlely playful:

Good God, while professional sculptors like these focus on bringing out expressions and emotions, I'm still stuck on getting a simple good looking sculpt that looks proportionate. PRACTICE.

Also, a friend of mine remarked this morning how interesting it was that villains from the Batman series all had some kind of psychiatric background to their behaviour. Catwoman is probably a kleptomaniac, Joker is probably someone with an antisocial personality disorder with an appetite for chaos. And Two Face is likely a bipolar rapid cycler or multiple personality disorder, and Penguin is just fat and ugly lol.

Tim Bruckner's website

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Simon Lee aka Spiderzero

This guy is born to sculpt evil. Simon Lee aka Spiderzero is just incredibly skilled as a sculptor, and his pieces seem to sway towards stuff that looks incredibly SICK. Of course, to reach a standard when you can actually sculpt something that projects such feelings of horror and menace, you must already have loads of skill.

Behold, his latest twisted creation, a sculpt titled VOODOO.

This, seriously sends shivers down my spine. Sometimes it's difficult to wonder what goes on in the minds of sculptors like that.

As if the front is not horrifying enough, flip it around to reveal heads within heads.

-Shudder- If you are able to take it the initial shock of seeing such a piece, take a closer look at the details and the texturing. One thing that strikes me about his pieces is how well he pulls off organic texturing - these creations of abomination actually look freaking lifelike. I can almost feel the boggy texture of the skin by glancing at it.

Gotta check out more of his work here:, Simon Lee's gallery

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Little Big Planet Sackboy Papercraft

Little Big Planet is one of Playstation 3's flagship titles, where players can interact, customize and share environments online. Backed by great gaming physics and a limitless way to customize your own environments and even set up your own mini games, LBP looks set to rock the gaming world. But do I give a f**k, no, not really, but some of you do, so here's a Sackboy papercraft to light up your desk already full of Sony items.

via Chamoo papercraft

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Tony Stark Lifesized bust

Just want to share, this was posted on, sculpted by Pankey and I'm excited to see it to completion:

It's gonna look sooooo amazing with the metallic paints on. The helmet actually flips open - you can't beat that! Peeka-boo Iron Man.

via Statueforum

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Medicom Real Action Hero Chun Li

Okay, the action figure universe has been rather dry lately, but I saw this preview today - from toy manufacturer Medicom's Real Action Hero series that boast super articulation, detail, quality and poseability comes none other than our favourite ding-dang kicking sexy stocking touting Chinese girl, Chun Li.

I'm posting about this because, this Chun Li has the prettiest face of all the Chun Li action figures I've ever seen.

Just look at that doll-like face, doesn't it make you feel like planting a kiss on her? Okay, now I'm really starting to freak you out.

Medicom RAH Chun Li comes 12" tall, with multiple points of articulation using Medicom's proprietary Real Action Hero action figure base body. Comes Dec '08 and be prepared to fork out some cash for this, as for all RAH toys.

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Cool looking Japanese robot mech papercraft thingy

Okay, the bottom line is, I have no idea what this is, but it's called the Kev-03 Rooster and it looks cool. Comes with great diagrams to guide you along, it's a pretty model, looks hi-tech and dangerous at the same time. So, why not? Only thing that bugs me are the purple colours. Blam!

Downloadable here
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The Day of the Mighty Muggs!

So I've be down for the last week, which explains the lack of cool finds on FX Console, but today, I went and got me some Mighty Muggs!! So here the story goes, I went down to China Square Central in Chinatown - it's Singapore's best kept secret for toy collectors, an entire shopping mall albeit a small scale one that's dedicated to the sale of toys. With an aim to just hella buy something to cheer myself up, I walked around for about an hour before I decided to purchase this:

Excuse my geekiness but that's the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg. It's nice and shiny with metallic paints and comes with a chromed box which makes it even more irresistable, so I whipped out my screaming wallet and pried out some fresh smelling ten dollar bills. Afterwards, I couldn't just stop at there could I? I mean, after you've bought one Mighty Mugg, he would be kind of lonely without the others.

So I wanted to get Black Costume Spiderman Mighty Mugg, and Captain America Mighty Mugg, so Shiny Iron Man Mugg would be happy to have companions. Problem was,

Spiderman = $35 SGD
Capt America = $45 SGD

On the other hand, if I bought the entire set of Wave 3 - Spiderman, Doc Oct, Thor, Ghost Rider - it would cost only $100.

After some quick math, it was obvious that I was going to end up bringing home an army of Mighty Muggs. So these guys:

are all sitting happily on my shelf right now. Hasbro must be feeling pretty Smugg right now.

My hands are already tingling for the next set.

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What I've been doing for the last week

In case you're wondering about the lack of articles on FX Console for the last week, here's what I've been up to:

That's right, I've been having diarrhoea, severe vomitting, nausea and spiking a high fever. Apart from missing about an entire week of school (half of my valuable attachment to the psychiatric department), my life, sleep cycle and just about everything is as screwed up as it can be.

I havent eaten anything much in 3 days.

And I feel f**ked up.

Super Mario Stage Figures (Dotgraphics)

Just saw these awesome little collectibles today, Super Mario Stage figures:

Each piece is really a backdrop that comes with magnetic 3D pixel sprites from Super Mario. It comes packaged in a box that closely resembles the original cartridge. Very cool!

You can choose to arrange the character sprites in any combination you want by moving the magnets around. Comes in loads of familiar scenes from the original game. The most striking to myself would be the one where Mario jumps atop the flag at the end of the stage.

Also available, are these little boxes shaped like the goodie cubes in Super Mario that come with additional characters and items to spice up your ongoing diorama. Everything is sold at random, so you have to buy loads to collect them all. A marketting ploy no doubt, but it makes these Japanese collectibles all the more exciting to purchase.

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Papercraft Mitsubishi FTO

I've been having difficulty finding good papercraft projects for you readers, so be glad this super detailed model of the Mitsubishi FTO surfaced on the web! It's very detailed, consists of many parts, you will need plastic sheets to create the windscreen and windows.

It's crazy detailed, the doors are able to open and even the interior is constructed from paper. It's supposed to be on display at the Mistubishi Museum in Japan.

I quote the author, "To reproduce the FTO's unique curved surfaces as closely as possible, there are many parts, and to successfully construct it, you will need a lot of skill and patience. Also, the headlights and window panes make use of transparent parts of OHP sheet, and perfectly recreating the cockpit is exceptionally difficult and frustrating. For those with free time and persistence, I highly recommend this challenge. Otherwise you will struggle with this one."

Check it out here
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