Wipeout Pure papercraft models are beautiful

It's official - Wipeout vehicles make extremely beautiful paper models, as made evident by Jan Rukr's growing Wipeout Pure papercraft collection. The same guy behind the Alien's Pulse Rifle, Jan never fails to deliver, and this time is not an exception. Right now 6 vehicles are up for downloads including ships from Feisar systems, Coca Cola, Puma and Exo systems. For those new to this, the Wipeout series sports ultra cool futuristic racing vehicles that come armed with weaponry such as energy balls, missles and more. The first of this franchise was back in the days of the PS1, but it's still alive and kicking with this port version on the PSP.

Fans of the series are able to download 6 of the ships, with more promised to come.

Get a load of this here

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muebles vicalvaro said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of helpful info above!