Starcraft Marine WIP shots

Wow, I'm such a complete noob when it comes to kits and sculpture - only been into this for about a year. Today, I found out about Martin Canale and his extremely talented team at the Gore Group. Apparently, they are the same group of guys behind my all time favourite diorama - The Sideshow Hulk vs Spiderman. I only found out about that after doing some random surfing today after I saw their interesting take on Batman on the Dark Hunter kit:

Anyways, I hope Martin Canale doesn't mind me stealin these pics, but here are the WIP shots of a Starcraft Marine statue his team has been working on:

Considering how insanely difficult it is to do perfectly symmetrical armour pieces by hand, this piece must have been quite a challenge.

The above small scale pictures don't really do this piece justice, be sure to check out the details on the sculpting job:

And.. A close up on the Marine's face:

I can't wait for this to be finished, because I believe that armoured sculpts look completely awesome with the paint job on, and that tarnished metal thing going on. But then again, it's going to be another sculpture that I'd end up wishing very hard I have the cash to spend on. These kits are really expensive, but it's no wonder, given the time and effort spent on making them. In short, you're paying big bucks for pure awesomeness.

The Gore Group
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