R-type final Papercraft

Great paper models aren't easy to come by these days, so you can imagine my glee when I came across this TW-2 model from the game R-type final. Haven't heard of it before? Well, neither have I. That's because it's a Japanese shooter made for the previous gen console Playstation 2.

R-type final is a sidescroller Japanese shooter with futuristic aircraft. Actually, that pretty much sums up all sidescrolling shooters.

Apparently, apart from some fast paced button mashing ship blowing action, the game also sports weird names for ingame vehicles, such as Kiwi Berry, on which the paper model is based on.

Since when was Kiwi a Berry? Nevermind, the model is very cool looking, so I'd build it all the same.

Downloads here

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Anonymous said...

Damn, i love this game!

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I don't know what ur secret is, but men, you really have a lot of talent to create this kind of things. I know doing this is not easy, but you make it loos so simple.

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Great! The game that I was looking for my PS2. Thanks for sharing.