Professor Oreo's Cloak and Dagger

Grrr... Some sculptors just have it in them, like Walter O'Neal aka Professor Oreo. He's a professional sculptor and has done many pieces for Bowen Designs, and here's a personal favourite that he has been rightfully showing off on the sculpting forums:

I guess it must have been exceeding difficult to gain access to the inside of the cloak for sculpting, but this guy has done it, each individual face maniacally detailed. Even before painting, this piece is quite a sight to behold in its plain form. Oh, I forgot to add, the reference picture at the top was drawn and painted none other by the man himself!

Just some back ground, Cloak and Dagger are Super Heroes from the Marvel Comics Universe. Cloak and Dagger were two kids transformed into dudes with super powers after agents from Silvermane used them for experimental drug testing. It was later revealed that the duo were really mutants, and that the drug had simply liberated their latent abilities.

If you dig Super Hero sculpts...
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Original forum post via Shiflett brothers

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Working for Randy Bowen is really a dream come true and hopefully I can keep it going for a long long time. So far I've done a Firelord minibust, This Cloak and Dagger bust, and I've got one more bust sitting on the art table as we speak. I'll keep you guys posted.