Phil Paper Toys

Phil of Gboy (above) fame has a couple of new toys up since I last checked his myspace account. And kudos to him for finally getting some organized navigation up - I couldn't locate the links to his toys previously, which was a frustration considering how awesome they looked! This time round, there's Bagboy up for downloads, coupled with Soundy and Thug.

Phil knows what you have been up to in the toilet! Phil Knows Bag Boy


Phil Toys downloads here
Phil's Flickr photo stream here

What's up with Urban Artists and shoes anyway? It seems like anything associated with the words urban, underground and funk have to depict limited edition shoelines. Limited Edition shoelines are like synonymous with cool these days.

Thanks Phil for the awesome toys.

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Anonymous said...

He say on his MySpace page that the models are no longer free, and the download links have gone.

Anonymous said...

yeah shame
spread the insparation so that young upcoming artists can develope in the art of paper, phil is the god and i love his work, shame he has taken this turn, peace

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