NECA 12" Marcus Fenix figurine

Is finally here! Just got released 3 days ago, and Play-asia has some close up shots of the figure, as well as the packaging. I'm looking forward to purchasing it, hopefully it reaches the shore of sunny Singapore by next week end -rubs hands with glee-.

I collect 12" or 1/6th scale figurines, so, having a 12" version of Marcus Fenix from my favourite shooter is a complete blast.

Looking like he has a small cranium, but that's the way muscular Locust-shredding men should be.

NECA boasts of it being heavily articulated, and as you can see, he is quite very poseable. Comes with weaponry and push button sounds - I never really dug that part of NECA figures, but still, I'm quite curious as to what his range of vocabulary would be.

Very cool, looking forward to buying this over the next week or two. And they really should come up with a 12" Carmine as well.

Got the pics from Play-asia
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