My 1/6th Ryu Statue - still in the works

Some earlier pics - as Shy remarked, he looked like an ant at that stage:

Well, 3 months into the making of this piece of my childhood hero from Street Fighter II. I'm reminded of the many times I tried to sketch him in Hadouken position when I was a 10 year old child. Most of it is already done, save for some tidying up, smoothing of the clay, naturalization of the creases and some texturing.

Having little time to do sculpting actually works the opposite way - it keeps my passion in the subject alive. Everyday, 15-30 minutes of sculpting is by far more therapeutic than one shot 5-6 hour sessions. I often ended up making a mess of things in a hurry to finish the piece. As they say more haste, less speed - sculpture is an art that revolves around patience and refinement.

Of course, he wouldnt be Ryu without the trademark red headband:

I'm still debating whether I should fork our $500 Singapore dollars in cash to invest in an airbrush with a compressor. Seems like a good idea as a lifetime investment to take this hobby of mine further. Can't wait to finish this piece...

Ryu is 1/6th in scale, so he'll look perfect next to all my 12" figurines!

Hadoukens were like the coolest things ever back in 1995.
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