Hot Toys Ironman is a masterpiece

Remember when I posted about the sneak preview shots of the Iron Man action figurine from Hot Toys? Well, I checked out the Hot Toys website today and the official pics are up, stunning as ever. If you're not familiar with this, it's a 1/6th scale figurine and it stands at 12" tall, and is one of the best action figures ever produced. If you're not convinced, check out the shots below:

Comes with a load of accessories and weapons to spice up the already stunning figure. It's so nice and shiny I'm getting fits just staring it. If I had it on my desk, I would probably spend 10 minutes a day just oggling at it. I'm already oggling at the pictures. You can't see it well on these pics, but I love the fact that the arc reactor on the chest piece is actually detailed, instead of being a flat white piece of plastic like the Hasbro version (which I foolishly bought).

And.. the JAW DROPPING SHOT of the back piece. You can actually lift the panels to expose little bits of silver machinery!

And a well sculpted Tony Stark head to go along with it. I've never liked Iron Man toys with Tony Stark's bare head - I always thought it felt like staring at him nude, and I'm not gay - but this combination is strikingly beautiful. Probably because the entire package is so well made.

I think this just might be that very first piece of toy that I'll be blowing more than a hundred bucks on. But considering how beautiful it is, it's definitely worth that ton of nagging I'm gonna get from my gf for burning a hole in my pocket.

via Hot Toys
Hot Toys Ironman stands at 12" or 30 cm tall. Has over 36 points of articulation, finished with metallic paint and has eyes and chest plate that freakin light up.

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