Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II

I knew it!! Hot Toys just wouldn't let their hold on the Iron Man franchise go to waste. Apart from producing the Mark III suit in 1/6 scale, Hot Toys is also releasing an uber cool metallic silver Mark II version. Okay, let's face the facts, Mark II is really Mark III with a different paint job and some bolts on the chest plate. But hey, this is still really cool. If you have 300 bucks to blow, get both pieces!

Thanks to Shaun

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Real Iron Man costume said...

Dang that looks like its made of silver plating, sweet! Though might be a bit tough to keep finger prints off it

Jun said...

Yeap, but very very cool. nice and shiny~

Well, if you're just gonna use it for display purposes, shouldnt be much of a problem.

Victor said...

I want to see a picture of IRON MAN MARK III and II side-by-side, will be really cool!

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