Honda Motocompo Paper Model

This is one of those random Japanese models on random things that you've probably never heard of, unless you're based in Japan. But the reason why it's on this blog is because it looks so completely awesome you feel compelled to whip out that UHU glue laced pair of scissors to get down to some hardcore papercrafting action. Just what on earth is the Motocompo?

A simple rule of life: There are good paper models, and there are bad paper models. This happens to be part of the former. A simple subject as a scooter, but an elegantly designed, well built and not to mentioned well photographed subject brings it to a higher level.

Available in yellow and red versions, scale is 1/12th so it's pretty darn small. It says on the page in Japlish:

This paper model was designed for the advanced person.
A very advanced technique should be necessary for the handicraft.
Then, enjoy it.

Then, enjoy it here

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