Freakin Huge Ninja Gaiden II Statue

From First4Figures comes this HUGE 18" tall statue of Ryu Hyabusa. The best part about this statue is that it looks exactly like the cover art on the game box. Together with the scythe, this beast of a statue comes up easily over 20-21" tall. That's FREAKIN huge - like the size of... say a Thanksgiving turkey standing upright.

Some solid sculpting there. I love the intricate designs on the forehead protector.

This is an extremely limited release by First 4 Figures, quoted at 1,999 pieces worldwide. The statue is made of high quality poly-resin. Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity to show off to your gaming buddies.

The price is steep @ $349.99 USD, but hey, at least the guys at First 4 Figures are accepting payment in installments. If you love smashing heads like watermelons and decapitating ninjas, this figure is one for you.

Don't look so shocked at the price, it's normal for a statue, needless to say a freakin HUGE piece with limited release:) You pay for what you get.

via First 4 Figures

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