Dark Odyssey and Poseidon's Rage Kratos from NECA

Saw the news today that NECA is going to release two new Kratos aka God of War figurines in a series called God of War, Magic of the Gods. Personally, I've bought 2 previous God of War figurines from NECA, a 7" Kratos in Ares Armour with Blades Olympus and Lingerie of Yada Yada, as well as a 12" scale one that I absolutely detest.

Don't get me wrong, I like NECA's stuff, I think the sculpting is pretty well done, but damn, the 12" Kratos really pissed me off because it kept falling over. Plus the fact that there's no articulation at the knee, makes this piece a b*tch to balance. I can swear the picture on the back of the box shows actual knee articulation. It's fallen over so many times most of the joints have been damaged to a point where they hang loose. I actually went down to the model shop, bought myself a resin base and attached Kratos with cryocynate glue. DIE Kratos, you're forever stuck to a block of stone now.

Anyway, here's the two new super charged Kratos figurines:

Please take note: The real figurines probably won't actually look as electrifying as they do in the pictures above. Minus the photoshopped glowing bolts of electrical power, Poseidon's rage Kratos would probably be a normal Kratos albeit one with electrical bolts cast in clear resin.

Dark Odyssey Kratos:

Both figurines are coming this Oct, you can read more about this via NECAonline

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NECA made a fabulous job with this characters. They eve exagerated a litle bit with details but that make them look ruder and ruthless.

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