Consumption by Gabe Perna

When I first saw this via the Kitbuilders Magazine Gallery, I was completely blown away by high level of sculpting that this piece displays. The theme, pose, base were fantastic. While there are about a million sculpts of Venom out there, there are few which achieve that primal rage and psychological terror of being engulfed and taken over by a foreign organism, and this piece - Consumption, is one of them. Sculpted by Gabe Perna, and pictures I stole via Danno Cope's (Kitbuilder's Magazine) picture trail hehe.

The base for the win: A skull being engulfed by trails of Symbiote matter which perfectly captures the mood and what this piece is trying to project. Every sculpture is a frameshot of the 3 dimensional world frozen in time, while every sculptor struggles to make the most of that, not all the pieces actually end up being so appealing and dynamic.

I gotta get meself some epoxy sculpting compound! Those trails of gravity-defying symbiote goo could only have been made by self hardening epoxy sculpting compound or wax - right now I'm having trouble even doing capes and flowing clothes with Super Sculpey.

Last shot of the Venom side of the sculpture:

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Pictures taken from Kitbuilders Magazine's Dan Cope

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