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Just to share a secret little work blog that I always visit, because Jerry Macaluso's (owner of SOTA toys and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles) is my hero. Why? Because he's one of the select few big toy business owners who actually sculpts all of his companies toys! Most of his action figures are done by himself, before being licensed and sold off in packagaes. My friend Eric used to say that almost none of the toy business owners out there actually have a single shred of artistry or give a hoot about what fans really want - all they want is $$$$$.

Jerry also readily shows the sculpt process on his myspace account, here's a beautiful series of pictures showing how Shin Akuma above comes together out of Super Sculpey:

Good ol' Super Sculpey that you can buy from your local art store or Ebay :) Kick ass!

Jerry's workblog

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