Retro Gaming Diorama papercraft special!

Woah, I just realised that there were quite a number of these really sick looking Retro Gaming Dioramas that you can DIY out of paper spread out over the vastness of the internet. There's just something about these dioramas that makes you want to build them and relieve those childhood memories of Famicom/NES bashing, Duck Hunt shooting and Donkey Kong barrel dodging.

1: Super Mario stages
Reverend Timothy shares this similar thing for retro gaming diorama creation and has a fair number of Super Mario themed dioramas on his blog over here @ Nerd-Craft. You can grab 3 versions, our favourite one is below:

Feel that sense of achievement?
Download it here

2: Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone
Bring the very first stage of the very dawn of Sonic the Hedgehog games to your desk wit this anniversary papercraft from the official SEGA website. I was there as a wide eyed child when Sonic first caught on! Yes I'm that old. Sad to say, I don't get the same kicks anymore, but kudos to those old memories.

3: Duck Hunt
I used to find that sniggering dog a little irritating, but nevermind, that game was awesome anyways. I could take down enough ducks to feed an army of hounds.

4: Donkey Kong Diorama from Ryo
Fact: Mario's first appearance was in Donkey Kong made for the Nintendo Entertainment System, after which the Italian plumber gained international popularity.

5: Moon patrol
I didn't get to play this much when I was a kid, but heck, these look freakin awesome:

That's all folks.

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tpwacom15 said...

you forgot the mega man diorama!

Jun said...

Got a link?