Papercrafter's Home is launched

FX Console is pleased to bring you the first website of its kind, a one stop solution to finding all your papercraft needs, fast. Papercrafter's Home is located at

Papercrafter's Home has its own:
1: Custom papercraft search engine
Powered by Google and carefully set up to search the best papercraft sites in the world. No more stray, irrelevant results that you do not want. Simply type in what kind of papercraft you're looking for.

2: Links to papercraft sites all around the world
Updated constantly, each link comes with a ratings sytem, so you can see which are the best sites that you would want to visit. Papercraft sites are also clearly labelled and sorted into categories for you to discover sites that appeal the most to you.
Our top/recommended sites widget is in the works, and will be up soon, so rememeber to rate your favourite sites!

3: RSS site updates
On the right are RSS updates from our favourite papercraft blogs on the web, including, Bong Papercraft, and Papercraft Paradise, so you can keep track with new finds on their blog at a glance.

Remember to bookmark Papercrafter's Home and make it your homepage!

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tpwacom15 said...

cool. this was a great idea!

mckibillo said...

wow man! very cool. but when do you find time to sleep?

Jun said...

lol... A strict schedule and squeezing some time out of it a day for blog updates is all it takes :)