McFarlane's Toys previews at SDCC

Wow, this is just completely awesome. If you went to SDCC which happened over the course of the last week, you would have caught a glimpse of what mega toy manufacturer, McFarlane Toys has install for its fans. Particularly awesome are the upcoming Halo 3 toys.

Apart from showing off the upcoming Halo 3 series 3: Elite Combat - Blue Armor, Jackal Major, Spartan Scout - Crimson Armor, and Halo 3 series 4: Spartan Hayabusa - Blue Armor, Spartan Security - Olive Armor, Spartan Security - Steel Armor (see pic)

McFarlane toys also gave a sneak peak at the legendary collection series with an Arbiter, Master Chief and Brute Chieftain:

I have a feeling it's gonna be a really good year ahead, I can't wait till these start shipping. Also on display over at SDCC are the upcoming Guitar Hero toys including a 10" scale Johnny Napalm and the Call of Duty figures, as well as sneak looks at latest upcoming Spawn releases.

You can see all the pics right here, via Toy News International.

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