McFarlane to produce Call of Duty 5: World at War figures

Call of Duty 4 was nothing short of revolutionary, topping Xbox Live as the most played online game on the Xbox 360, that was until GTA IV came on. But anyways, I've played most of the Call of Duty franchise and it's all good. Nothing beats reliving the ?excitement/?horror of combat, knowing you're safe and sound in your own bedroom.

Anyways, after COD 4, the next installment, Call of Duty: World At War is going back to old school warfare, but promises to be even bigger and better. That's a thumbs up from me, I always thought the classic WWII setting was a little more fun.

Anyways, yeah about the toys, McFarlane is has signed a partnership with Activision to produce action figures for the upcoming video game Call of Duty®: World at War. This series is expected to be in this fall, retailing at approx 10-15 USD each.

The first wave will include:
- Marine Infantry, Battle of Peleliu - Includes M1 Garand rifle and M1 bayonet

- Marine Corps with Flamethrower, Battle of Peleliu - Includes M2-2 flamethrower with removable flame, and M1911A1 pistol & holster

- Marine Corps with Machine Gun, Battle of Okinawa - Includes M-1928A1 machine gun w/20 round magazine and M1911A1 pistol & holster

- British Special Ops, Battle for the Roer Triangle - Includes Mark II Sten gun

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