Gears of War Boomer Platinum statue

Pardon my French but this is the most f***ing awesome thing I've seen for weeks, no months. I almost had a fit when I saw it on Shiflett Bros' sculpting forum. Finally, an awesome Gears of War statue, of the badass Boomer! I'll let the pics do the talking:

I W-A-N-T. Click on the picture below for an enlarged view:

This one is official commissioned work, done by Mindzeye Studios. 3 statues are available, Marcus the man himself, Dom Santiago and this f****ing badass Boomer. Be prepared to fork out 195 for the guys and 250 bucks for the Locust. But, all worth it if you have the cash. You probably can feed a village for months with that cash, but you'll be missing out on this hehe.

More information and pics here, via Mindzeye studios.

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