First look at Phazon Suit Samus toy

First 4 Figures unveiled their latest addition to the Samus suit series, an ultra sleek, ultra cool and ultra blingish Phazon Suit Samus (from Metroid) statue standing at approx 11.5" tall. Some background on this, the Phazon suit was created when Samus' Suit and Gun were imbibed/infected with pure Phazon but was stolen after Metroid Prime was defeated. Later, the Phazon suit was used to create one of Samus' greatest enemies: Dark Samus.

This model was replicated accurately from the ingame version and later cast in clear resin and for the finishing touch, 25 glowing LEDs were added, cum a shiny reflective base. Phew, this baby looks so awesome it's not possible to keep your hands off it if you're a Metroid fan. Lmited to 1500 pcs worldwide.


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