Even the restroom signs are cool at SDCC

Well, basically the freakin largest toy event in the universe just happened over the last week over at San Diego California - the annual San Diego Comic Convention. I've been blogging about all the awesome exclusive toys that are available over there, including a Gears of War Carmine action figure. The saddest fact is, I live literally halfway around the globe on a tiny island known as Singapore, and that I was working my butt off while all this awesomeness exploded in the States last week. But anyways, SamuelCyanide's (one of our helpful forum members) gf was actually freakin lucky enough to get a trip down, and here are some pics courtesy of xxthexfallenxx aka Samuel's super nice gf.

More pictures and links inside the full post.

Live sized 1:1 scale Hulk!!!!! Damn thing looks so cool, I can't believe someone actually sculpted this, it's so freakin huge. I wonder if that's for sale.. you'd probably need a truck to bring him home:

That monster thingy from FEAST, NAAAASTY!:

Feast is basically a really awesome Horror flick produced by the likes of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Wes Craven and Chris Moore. It takes the conventional take on the monster-stalking-a-bunch-of-folks-stranded-in-a-small-building scenario and turns it into a fast actioned and highly humourous show. B grade effects because of budget constraints (it was an entry in a reality show with competing directors), but completely awesome.

What's a comic con without some Cos players:

Click here for the complete photo album from SamuelCyanide's gf

Right now, the States sound like a pretty damn good place to be in.

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