Bowen's Faux Bronze line - already sold out????

Grrrrrrrrrrr I hate it when I'm late on things. Been rather busy with work at the hospital, so by the time I saw this, news says it's already been sold out! Even before it's released! If you take a look at this Faux Bronze Line from Bowen Designs, it's no wonder why that happened - they simply look SMASHING, the Earth's mightiest super heroes immortalised in bronzed statues. Whether you're looking at it from an artistic point of view, or if you're just a superhero fan looking for cool statues, these will satisfy all your urges and desires, possibly even sexual ones.

Click to view larger pics:

These are sculpted in 1/6 or 12" scale, so with the base, they easily come up to 14, 15" tall. A very nice scale indeed. Thor just looks stunning, I think there's no other Marvel character who fits a bronze statue as well as he does.

Also available is Odin. Ships Q4 this year, but already sold out. DAMN.

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