Appleseed EX MACHINA figures from Hot Toys

1/6th figures from Hot Toys based on ?revolutionary visual feste anime Appleseed. 3 characters will be released Q3 2008, Tereus, Briareos and Deunan Knute. Each figure stands at 12" or 30 cm tall, around 15 points of articulation and comes with an arsenal of anime weapons. Base with EX MACHINA logo is included. As of now, the pictures look clean, well sculpted and conforms to Hot Toys standards that we fans are expecting.

More pics right here baby

If you don't know what Appleseed is, check out the vid below:

Somewhere along the way Appleseed Creator Masamune Shirow got struck by lightning and he had the amazing idea of combining 3D animation with classic anime styles.

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