About that lifesized Ironman bust from Sideshow

I have officially been starstruck. This has got to be the most beautiful piece of toy, no ART, I have ever seen - a life sized Ironman bust from Sideshow collectibles. I first saw this 1:1 beauty at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention and it was definitely the highlight of the entire 2 day event for me. Nothing touches this! Good Gawd, if only I can fork out $699.99 USD for this.

And get a load of this:

Coming very soon, Q3 2008 from Sideshow Collectibles.

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Shaun said...

brutally expensive!

Jun said...

It's not even a direct conversion to SGD.. It costs close to 1300 Singaporean bucks!!!!

Shaun said...

that amount would get me HT's batmobile, batpod and either one of the batman figs or joker.

Jun said...

What to do :( Sideshow has the licenses and talent creates such freakin awesome stuff, they charge a freakin bomb for everyone of them.

This thing can buy you a damn powerful PC also muahahaha.

But hey, this piece will probably turn your house into a tourist attraction among friends!

Shaun said...

heh, i'm happy with my place as it is, and 1:1 is too intimidating to embark on, honestly.

That's why u rock, cos u make your own toys.

Jun said...

Yeah... my house also no place to keep haha. This kind of toy will make your wife scream at you when you bring it home.

Im not really good at sculpting, but hoping to pick it up more over the next few years and very hopefully make my rounds in the toy business.