Paper V-12 engine actually works

When you're bold enough to be off the beaten track and be self employed, add a load of talent on top of that, you can be like Yee from Montreal, who is an artist in his own right. He works mostly with card and paper, building absolutely astounding models, no, pieces of art. Most of his works can be seen off his site, including origamic architectural models but the coolest has to be his engines that actually pump like real engines do.

More pictures and links inside.

No freebies for you this time, this kit costs $110 to order off the web and boasts up to 575 pages of parts. For those of you who look down upon card as modelling material, this design just about breaks all the limits of what can be achieved with model-making at home.

If you can't imagine it working, here's a video of the engines pumping in all their glory:

Ah, that's just breath taking to look at.

You can check out more of Yee's works right here @ Yee's Job.

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