Takayuki Takeya - unparalleled talent!

When a friend introduced me to Takayuki Takeya's works, I was completely blown away by the level of sculpting this guy displays! He very quickly became one of my favourite sculptors, and is likely to be one of the most talented ones, if not the best from Japan.

More pictures and links inside.

Be sure to give this gallery a viewing, put together by one of Mr Takeya's fans:
http://www.takayukitakeya.com. My favourite pieces include Cyber Ninja II as seen in the picture above, and Albinone:

He has sculpted a TON of pieces, and each one equally mind blowing and awe inspiring. If you ever feel tired and down from your art, just give the gallery a visit for some rejuvenating inspiration ;)

Hopefully, I can reach his level someday.

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Claudio Setti said...

Takeya is SIC!

I love him and Nirasawa!


Jun said...

Yeah! These Japanese sculptors are so completely kick ass. They're really innovative in finding their way around things as well.