Singapore Toy and Comic Convention Highlights

It's a first timer for Singapore, as locals flocked to the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention '08 over the last two days (28th, 29th Jun) to catch a glimpse of nothing short of action figures, urban designer toys, comics artists, games, and cosplayers. I went down today, and it was all gr8 fun. I thought that the toys and replicas part of the show could be beefed up upon, but there was a healthy dose of designer toys and artists appearing at the show. There were some big names there including Tokidoki by Simone Legno.

Well, my favourite exhibit was the Sideshow 1:1 Iron Man bust, I took some shots of it on my video cam, so be sure to scroll to 4:05 for a glimpse of this shiny techy Iron Man bust. Darth Vader was there as well, looking really menacing with his bunch of Storm Troopers and a kickass light sabre. I really wanted to grab a shot of myself punching him, but he walked off too quickly with the power of the Dark Side wooshing behind him.

Oh please back this event next year and make it bigger and better! We wanna see more action figures and replicas!! Stuff that makes up previews and pre orders!

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