Sideshow Ironman Comiquette with Stealth Variant

Why does this Ironman statue cost close to a grand? I'll tell you why: because it looks freakin awesome.

More pics and story inside.

Good God I love Ironman statues. To begin with, they look so damn nice and shiny - like some kind of a super-hero-gadget hybrid. And damn, are they freakin difficult to sculpt on your own. Just FYI, it's really difficult to sculpt perfectly smooth and finished surfaces, not to mention how symmetrical the parts have to be. Get ready for about a million hours of sanding and carving work after sculpting.

I'm not sure how they do things over at Sideshow collectibles, but my friend Eric who sculpts ONLY Ironman and other mecha does things with a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Machine. Yeah, what the hell is that?? It's actually a tiny machine with mills and saws that cuts away at a block, depending on what you input into it. That means, you can do an Iron Man on your computer, and get the machine to sculpt it for you.

The statue comes with interchangeable heads, so you can see Tony Stark's lusty face in the place of the helm of Ironman. I never liked Ironman toys unmasked. I don't know why but I just hate them. It's like walking in on your parents.

Now this is so awesome it's making me drool already. To complete the kill, Sideshow has released a limited Stealth Ironman variant of this statue, fixed with red LEDs that glow red at night. Holey Shite! Btw, this thing is HUGE. It's 1/4 scale and in that position, the whole statue is already about 12" tall.

You can get more pictures of this droolfest here

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