Paper Doll concept makes me very pleased

I have no idea why, but this piece of work makes me feel really pleased just by looking at it. The world's first articulated paper figurine = complete awesomeness.

I absolutely adore the points of articulation on this piece, plus the fact that it's actually able to balance itself, despite it being completely constructed out of paper. I don't know why, but I have an irresistable urge to build this for my desk.

IMO, this paper doll concept looks the best as a white blank. Check out the website below, you'll see what I mean when the artist puts on a face and clothes to it - it seems to have lost it's magical appeal.

Simple and beautiful, just the way I like it :D

Paper doll concept

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koenigsegg.ccr said...

Yeah, the colour does kind of ruin it.

Jun said...

lol, yeah. This one deserves a build :D