Ninja Gaiden II Ryu Hyabusa action figure

If you can't get enough of slicing up ninja torsos or bashing up ninja brains, here's the brand new ultra cool Ryu Hyabusa action figure from NECA. The pic is a sneak peak and the 7" toy is set to be released this September.

This figure is ultra articulated and can move at nothing short of his g*nitals, including:
* Ball Jointed Neck, Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Ankles
* Swivel Biceps
* Bendable Torso
* Bendable Elbows
* Swivel Waist
* Double-Jointed Knees
* Hinged Toes

Also comes with game-accurate accessories - hey where's the fun of Ninja Gaiden minus an arsenal of butt kicking weapons.

NECA online

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