Mary Jane does Spiderman's laundry

And looks incredibly sexy at that at the same time. This 18" tall Sideshow Mary Jane statue is like the anti-thesis of what feminists stand against in the entertainment industry. But yes, it's so sexy that I want it bad!

More pictures inside.

Apart from the fact that Mary Jane is leaning over showing her boobies maximus and her lovely lady lumps behind, what makes this statue really attractive is how endearing it is to see Spiderman's suit being cleaned up in the wash. Even superheroes aren't spared from daily household chores.

Is it me or does Spiderman's mask looks a tad too much like a giant condom lying on the bathroom floor?

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Anonymous said...

Just throwing it out there that she's not doing his laundry. That kind of misinformation is what caused such a stir over the statue in the first place.

The image it's based off of is one that depicts Mary Jane finding Pete's Spidey suit in his dirty clothes. Hence the sly look on her face.

Adam Hughes said it himself: "Who washes clothes in a basket on a tablet?"

Jun said...

hmm.. with the bottle of Kleen on the floor and the suit coming out of a bucket rather than a laundry basket... it does look like she's cleaning it rather than sorting laundry out.

PATYSKA said...

God Bless Her. With great power comes great boobies. said...

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