Kratos, God of War

Kratos, God of War sure has been busy ever since he diced defunct Ares, the exGod of War. Apart from fighting Basilisks, he also likes to stab anorexic soldiers atop giant birds:

Based on this amazing piece of 2D art, Herbert Lowis, a senior character designer from Propaganda Games made this awesome sculpture. Check out more pictures of the works in progress inside.

Super Sculpey + Skill = Kick ass models

Apparently, Lowis' strengths do not lie solely in traditional sculpting, but he's a professional at digital sculpting as well, being involved in character design with Propaganda Games. You can check out his other sculptures, including zbrushed digital characters from his portfolio here.

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Sabrina said...

Wow O_o

This Kratos is amazing. I love the sculpt.
Do you know if he sell his works?


Anonymous said...

There are more shots of this in the forum you linked to at the end of your post? I clicked there, but cannot find anything on Kratos said...

The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.