Hot toys 1/6 Ironman looks amazing!!!

Images I stole from Eddie Wong's blog via Shaun's blog

There are some productions that are just absolutely breath taking, and one of them is this 1/6 Hot Toys Iron Man. Looking at this baby just makes me seething that I actually bought Hasbro's crap version that is perpetually stuck in atomic wedgie pose. Mr Wong noted some anatomical proportion issues with the torso and head, but I'm not one who nit picks with action figures. In other words, Im absolutely in love with this piece.

More pictures and links inside. This is worth a look.

These pictures were actually taken at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2008, where the awesomemest companies like Hot Toys put out their awesomemest toys.

I like the fact that the chest plate actually has a plastic piece made to resemble the arc reactor, not like Hasbro's white button that makes Iron Man say "I am Iron Man" when you press it.
Comes with interchangeable Tony Stark head which is pretty well sculpted:

I'm gonna try to get me grubby hands on this piece when it hits stores later this year.

More pictures on Eddie Wong's blog
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