Hot toys 1/6 The Dark Knight Line up kicks ass

More Dark Knight goodies to invade your bedroom with, last we saw was Kotobukiya's fixed pose PVC statues, this time round they are 1/6 goodies from the king of 1/6th scale action figures, that is Hot Toys from Hong Kong! As the movie is set to blow everyone's minds, all toy companies scrambled to get a piece of the licensing. From Hot Toys comes this line up of 3 Dark Knight toys including Batsy himself, the Batmobile and the ultra cool Batpod that tears through Gotham City. More pics right on inside.

Batman comes with interchangeable heads sculpted in the likeness of Christian Bale, very cool indeed. There's just something incredibly holy about seeing Batman unmasked. When I was a kid and Michael Keaton took off his mask, it was like, don't let the baddies find out your true identity Batman! Oh nevermind.

1/6 Hot toys Batman comes with:
- Alternate head with authentic likeness of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, a new head sculpture of Bruce Wayne
- Detailed Batman Utility Belt with cell phone
- Activated Mini Mine
- Grapnel Gun
- Two small Batrangs on belt clip (removable)
- Newly developed Bat-suit with cape
- Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands, Inclusive one set of gloves hands for riding the Batpod
- Figure display base featuring THE DARK KNIGHT logo and BATMAN nameplate

Activated Mini Mine sounds nasty, I hope it doesn't cause the figurine to arrive in 10 pieces.

1/6th Batpod from Hot toys is perfectly scaled to fit their Batman, looks extremely detailed and even comes with working headlights. Right weapon features Machine Gun, Grappling Hook and Wheel with Hub- Mounted Engines - nasty!

And.. the very cool looking Batmobile. Once again the headlamps light up, the cockpit actually slides open and the breaking panels are movable. That's smexy, but somehow the Bat mobile from the Batman returns still appeals to me with it's completely detachable sides to form a ridiculous looking Bat "missle" -

Anyone remember this?

via Hot toys
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tomztoyz said...

Oh My God!!

That Bat-Pod by Hot Toys is totally & completely INSANE! I wish I was not so broke right now because I would buy three of them, ha!

BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

Thanks, Tommy

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