Hellboy toys from Sideshow Collectibles

In anticipation of the upcoming Hellboy II, The Golden Army, produced under the expert direction of Guillermo Del Toro, Sideshow Collectibles delivers these two Hellboy goodies set for release Q4 this year. Sideshow has in stall for fans a 1:4 scale replica of the Samaritan (weapon) and a 22" tall (woah that's huge!) of Hellboy. More pictures inside.

As you can see, the likeness is incredible, with a flawless crouched pose screaming - I'm ready for some action! Closer shots of the gun:

A standalone model of the Samaritan comes in 1:4 scale a nice plaque/stand that you can display it on. Gun is removable so you can scare people with it:

Guillermo Del Toro is also responsible for bringing absolutely ingenius works such as Pan Labyrinth and the subtle strangling horror of The Orphanage. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here's a glimpse of it right here:

Sideshow 22" Hellboy product page
Sideshow Hellboy 1:4 Samaritan product page

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