Gears of War action figures series 2

NECA recently released the finalised pictures of the second series of their much awaited Gears of War action figures line. In case you're new to this, the first line up which includes Marcus the man, Cole, Locust Drone and a Locust Sniper are already out and available in stores.

Here are the pictures of the upcoming series 2, yes they come with kickass Theron guards and torque bows. I've already bought the first series and have no complaints, the sculpting job is not bad and really detailed. My only complaint has to be that the lancers look slightly off with orangey looking paints on the chainsaws, and the irritating fact that I can only get a Hammer of Dawn if I buy the box set, which I don't intend to fall prey to NECA's tactics. Or perhaps I will.

NECA online

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