Feature special: 3 Japanese papercraft models for you

I'll be damned if I don't feature this sooner. Presenting, papercraft cars, papercraft bikes and papercraft snow vehicles from Mitsubishi, Yamaha and Deep Forte. These are designed to be advertising campaigns to draw you straight to their website like fish to a hook, but hell yeah, it's a good hook, so you should check this out still.

More pictures and links inside.

1: Yamaha papercraft

Anyone who has been doing this for sometime would probably have seen this. That's because if you type in "Papercraft" in Google, this model shows up as the first search finding, so I suppose this is like the grand b*tch of all paper models.

But yes, it still amazes me because of how detailed it is. The model comes in 5 parts, from the engine to the wheels and each piece is very detailed. It's like making 5 different models and sticking them together to form a mega one, kind of like Power Rangers.

You can download this right here.

2: Deep Forte Snow vehicles

I have no idea where the Japanese get the guys who design papercraft from, because judging from how good these are, it's very likely that these guys are papercraftologists who do paper models for a living. Check out this crazily detailed model of a snow vehicle.

Download here

3: Mitsubishi cars
Sorry guys no pics, but you can get the full gallery by clicking on the link here.

That concludes our favourite Japanese promotional papercraft special ;D

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