Dark Knight and Joker statues are just stunning

When the Dark Knight hits cinemas this year very very soon (rubs hands gleefully), Bat-fans would be treated to a one of a kind 2 hour showcase of the darkest Batman movie ever produced. Coupled with Heath Ledger as an extremely freaky looking Joker, not to mention his unfortunate demise after filming the show, this movie will be one of a kind indeed.

Straight off DC direct from Kotobukiya are these two super awesome looking statues standing at 1:6 scale and 12 inches tall, and limited to just a thousand pieces. I think the sculpting job is near perfect for both, so check out more pictures right inside this post.

More pics inside.

Why so serious? The folds on Batman's cape are so natural, it's stunning to look at - check out the shoulder region. Also, a wonderful paintjob mimics the high density polymer that's Batman's armour.

Pay tribute to the late Heath Ledger by buying this statue with superb likeness. He will play one of the freakiest Jokers ever this July in theatres.

Nice huh. You can get more information on these over at DC Direct.

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